Feature and Benefits of EMI Calculator in Home Loan application process

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A home loan is a high-value loan. It frequently lasts for more than 20 years and keeps the borrower in debt until both the principal loan balance and interest are fully repaid. Looking at the huge amount of loan proposed to take, one must consider their finances and affordability before a home loan is taken. You must accept that a fixed amount of your income will be used to make equated monthly instalments or EMI payments for many years to come. You can use a free online tool called the home loan EMI calculator to help you better understand the nature of your EMIs. The EMI calculator is typically available for free, unlimited usage and is an in-built feature on all lender websites.

How does an EMI calculator helpful compared to manual calculations?

An EMI calculator can assist you in understanding the various financial charges related to your home loan, such as the total payable interest, the loan processing fees, the stamp duty fees, etc. Lenders often present these sums as a percentage of the primary loan amount you wish to borrow. Knowing the loan’s true worth following the deduction of any fees will help you to establish the loan’s terms.

It saves you the trouble of performing manual calculations, which is difficult and time-consuming. Calculating EMIs that are intended to last for 20 years is bound to result in calculation errors. Any error made during manual computations could make things difficult for you when you go to the lender. Even worse, you have to double-check your calculations to make sure you calculated the EMI amount accurately.

The flexibility of the EMI Calculator

The home loan EMI calculator can give a quick and accurate result. Be rest assured that the calculation is 100% correct even if you keep entering different combinations of interest rates and tenures. You can compare various home loan rates. Every lender offers a different loan interest. The EMIs and the above-mentioned fees related to the loan can be decreased even if the loan amount varies by just 0.02%. Since there is a variation in the rate of interest rates among lenders, it is helpful to have a quick comparison of the lowest home loan interest rates using the EMI calculator.

EMI calculator and planning

You can plan your finances: Since the EMI calculator allows you to input multiple interest rates and tenures; you may get a general idea of the monthly payable EMIs towards the loan. As a result, you can proceed with budget planning while keeping in mind your EMI payment. The calculator provides you with the precise EMI amount you need to set aside so you may organize your budget without affecting your other necessary monthly costs.

You can manage your other loans: Most consumers are making EMI payments for many loans simultaneously. If you belong to this group, you are already aware of the impact that adding a new loan will have on your finances. The house loan EMI calculator, however, allows you to take into account your other loans and guides you in choosing the tenure and interest rate after figuring out the other monthly EMIs. If you have the funds to pay off your mortgage early (or other loans) you may also be able to assess the costs involved with foreclosure.


The home loan EMI calculator is a free online tool you can use to better understand the structure of your EMIs. The EMI calculator is often a built-in function on all lender websites and is typically offered for free, (unrestricted use).

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